How do the world’s top achievers supercharge their lives with passion…Most people only dream of it?

Discover the tools that got me to the top of an industry with a 99.9% failure rate!

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Live your life fueled by passion, purpose and personal greatness.  Create a lifestyle and business that is empowered by your uniqueness and celebrates your very essence!  You will want to wake up in the morning full of energy for you are driven by a need to grow and contribute.  You will stand in your own power, speak with your own unique voice and know how to meet life’s hardships and overcome obstacles.

Life is filled with hope.  Life is filled with fear.  Life is clumsy.  Life is messy.  The road to success and achievement isn’t linear.  It is imperfect.  But there are tools to get you where you want to go and I will help guide you.

I have had 5 hit songs in an industry where there is a 99.9% failure rate!  I faced unheard of challenges and will teach you the same principles that I apply to achieve success to get you through your struggles and reach your goals and dreams.

By envisioning what we want with passion, purpose and practice, daring to win, by putting ourselves out there with persistence and piping up (speaking up for ourselves by honoring our own voices) and resilience, the power of endurance, pliancy (flexibility and the ability to bounce back) and picking ourselves back up.

Shall We Dance?  You will create beauty and surpass mediocrity and the ordinary.  You have callings you are destined to fulfill.  Together we are going to discover, uncover, or recover those driving forces.

Together.  We are going to find your dance!


Sarah Atereth is a #1 hit global recording artist, founder of Beguile Records, inspirational speaker, coach and thought leader.  How did this unknowing kid make her way from her first dance class in a strip mall in Colorado to becoming a #1 hit recording artist with 5 hits worldwide in an industry with a 99% failure rate?  Armed with only the joy and life’s purpose she found in dance and music, Sarah set out to New York City on her determined path to figure out how to become her passion.  Slammed with struggles and rejection along the way, Sarah continued to pursue her artistic vision and tear through barriers to get her music out to the world.  Sarah is blessed every day to work with people from all over the world helping them to life their best lives!

Sarah has been on the cover of Radio & Records Magazine, the Future Face of MusicWeek (1 of only 4 artists in the world), the face of with Kevin Bacon, Jessica Alba and Michael Phelps, a two time #1 UK hit and 4 time Billboard Magazine charting recording artist.  Sarah has spoken at the prestigious Jack Welch School of Business as well as thousands of radio and television programs around the world.  Sarah is a graduate of Columbia University.


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* Celebrate Your Own Voice

* Empower Yourself For Excellence

* Live Your Life That Is Bursting To Get Out Into The World

* Overcome Hardships And Obstacles

* Create The Lifestyle And Business You Deeply Desire

* Dance Your Own Life, Not Someone Else’s!

Shall We Dance?  Shall We Sing?

All Our Hopes, They’re Worth Everything

quote-tip Sarah, love it!  Thank you for all you give to others!
- ”Sondi, ”Marketing
quote-tip Sarah is a true artist in every sense of the word.
- ”Bill, ”Bolland
quote-tip (Sarah’s) energy is so vibrant, it’s contagious.  With someone like her in your corner, it’s hard not to feel like a champion.  Bring it on world, bring it on.
- ”Liz, ”Deluna